Useful Fleet Insurance Information

Useful Insurance Information

Find useful insurance related advice and information below.


Cameras record accidents and can help defend claims and maintain your premiums.


Taking photographs of an incident can help provide evidence of fault in the event of an accident.

Incident report forms

Often we cannot think properly at the time of an incident and forget important information. Having forms available in your vehicles can ensure better information is taken.


Good planning can help reduce accidents. Rushing to destinations causes accidents.

Undue Pressure

Drivers under undue pressure are more likely to have an accident. Give your staff time to arrive and accept the fact there are often traffic issues. You can buy traffic updates so you know there is a problem.


Reviewing an accident as soon as possible after an incident is good practice and can help you manage any emerging trends.

Fleet Management

Having a dedicated fleet manager can help control Driver Training, Claims, Compliance, Vehicle servicing. & Licence Checks etc. You have strict legal responsibilities to adhere to for the use of vehicles, maintenance - including Grey Fleet (Grey = staff owned vehicles insured on the fleet) and health & Safety of your staff. This can be outsourced if you cannot afford an internal manager. Talk to us at UK FLEET QUOTES if you wish to discuss this further. **